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Ǝ L E M E N T S... a global movement

Ǝ L E M E N T S is a global movement producing dance events in different key cities around the world, bringing DJs and performers from all corners of the globe with unique styles and talent. We have world class visuals to enhance our events and our online presence reaches far and wide! Since our grand launch in Paris on February 2019, we had many GIGs in Zürich, Lo
ndon, Didim, Paris, Tokyo, and Manila, pushing the boundaries of house and techno whilst creating a one of a kind audio and visual experience. After a pause due to Covid, 
ELEMENTS Global Movment is back, starting strong in the Southeast Asia leg last December 2022 with Bangkok and Manila as our destinations for a massive house/techno weekender. Coming next on March 2023 in Japan...and then we'll be back in Paris France on April and June !!! Created by a group of DJs, artists, and producers with a mutual drive and desire to create a global movement, developing a platform, which continues to grow organically. Doing so without limits, bringing like-minded people together. With No boundaries or false expectations, Ǝ L E M E N T S has a very exciting year ahead with a calendar full of events hitting various corners of the globe.

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